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Stay Safe on the Internet

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What is the internet?

  • It is how computers all over the world talk to each other.
  • It lets you connect the computer you use to another computer.
  • The internet is easy to learn.

The internet can be fun!

  • Do you use the internet? You can use it to:
    • Find things to do
    • Plan a trip
    • Write to friends and family
    • Buy things

You have to be careful.

  • Some people who use the internet are trying to break the law.
  • They might ask you for things that will help them steal from you or hurt you.
  • If you use the internet, it’s important to keep yourself safe from these people.

What do they ask for?

  • They ask for your personal information.
  • They might ask for:
    • Your name, address, or phone number;
    • Your birth date;
    • Your social security number; or
    • Your credit card number or bank information.

What do I do?

  • The best things to do are:
    • Just say no
    • Do not give out personal information over the internet

What if I get an email from someone I do not know?

  • If you do not know the person or company who sent it, do not open it!
  • Some people will pretend to be your bank or credit card company.
    • Do not give them any information.
    • If you are not sure, ask someone.
    • Or, call your bank or credit card company and ask about it.

What if I buy things on the internet?

  • If you do, you may need to use a credit card.
  • Look for a sign that tells you the website is safe.

Other ways people can steal your personal information.

  • They use email to put a virus in your computer.
  • The virus sends people your personal information.
  • Make sure to:
    • Get a program to protect your computer from a virus; and
    • Write down your passwords, do not save them on your computer.

Same thing for your medical information.

  • Someone might ask for your insurance or medical record number.
  • They will use the information to buy medicine and charge it to you.
  • Do not give anyone that information online.
  • If you buy medicine online, make sure it is a safe website.

Can you make friends on the internet?

  • You can meet new people on the internet.
  • Good places to meet people on the internet are:
    • Websites for self-advocates
    • Websites about things you enjoy, like movies or games

What if someone on the internet asks to meet you?

  • Sometimes, people who meet on the internet like to see each other.
  • It can be fun to meet someone in person.
  • Sometimes people on the internet do not tell the truth. They may not really be your friend.
  • You have to be careful and stay safe!

How can you stay safe if an internet friend asks you to meet them?

  • Talk to someone about it.
  • A friend, family member, or someone who works with you can help you decide if you should go.

How can you be safe if an internet friend asks you to meet them?

  • If you do meet someone, take someone with you and meet in a very public place, like a:
  • Library
  • Place to eat
  • You should never go alone to meet someone.

To find out more on internet safety:

  • Get Net Wise: You are One Click Away


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