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Dressing for Cold and Damp Weather

Winter clothing

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Why should I protect myself from cold and damp weather?

Cold weather can make it easier to get hurt or sick.

You can get sick or hurt if you:

  • Go outside on a cold day without wearing warm clothing—like going for a walk on a cold day without your jacket
  • Get wet and cold—like getting caught in the rain without an umbrella and nowhere to go to warm up

Some people are at extra risk of getting sick from the cold:

  • People over age 65 years
  • Very young children
  • People who do not understand the danger from cold weather
  • People who can’t feel the cold because of health conditions like arthritis or diabetes
  • People who use alcohol or drugs

Be especially careful of:

  • Severe cold weather
  • High winds that make your body lose heat quickly
  • Rain and cold water

How can you stay warm in cold weather?

On very cold, windy days stay inside or only go out for short periods of time.

If you do go out on cold days, dress warmly.

Wear a hat.

Wear layers of clothing.

Wear mittens to keep your fingers warm.

Protect your face and ears with a scarf.

How can you stay protected in damp weather?

Stay dry.

  • Wear waterproof jackets, shoes, and mittens.

If you go out in the cold,

  • go with a friend.

Don’t drink alcohol or smoke before going out in the cold.

Being in the cold can cause serious health problems.

Hypothermia is when your body loses too much heat and can’t work properly.

Frostbite is when your skin freezes.

You can use this fact sheet!

  • If you are going somewhere very cold (like to the mountains to play in the snow), you can bring this fact sheet on hypothermia and frostbite with you.

Learn more about protecting yourself from the cold.

  • CDC Winter Weather
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