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Learn about healthy friendships and relationships, fun things to do, and much more.

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Thu, 01/01/2009
Thu, 01/01/2009
Why are friends important?

You are around people every day.

  • You see some people a lot:
    • Family
    • Friends
    • Co-workers
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Healthy vs. Unhealthy Friendships and Relationships

July 7, 2014

What are healthy friendships and relationships?

Learn how to recognize the signs of healthy - and unhealthy - relationships. This will allow you to help the people you support find and sustain their own healthy relationships. Healthy friendships and relationships depend on communication, sharing, respect and trust.

Communication and Sharing

The most important part of any healthy friendship or relationship is the ability to talk and listen to one another. Talking and listening helps people to:

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What do I like to do? - A Worksheet on Community Activities

Community Activities
Wed, 08/01/2007
Wed, 08/01/2007
Great Ideas for Getting out in the Community

Print the worksheet here!

This worksheet will help you think of what you like to do for fun and give you ideas for activities in your community you might want to do. You will also find helpful resources to find activities in your community.

Ask Yourself:

Finding Healthy Leisure (Fun) Activities in your Community

Wed, 08/01/2007
Wed, 08/01/2007
What you can do to Participate

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Leisure activities are things you enjoy doing for fun!

There are many leisure programs and groups in your community.

You and your support providers can find a recreation activity that you will enjoy!

Leisure activities = fun!

Everyone does different things to have fun.

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Living in Your Community

Your Community
Wed, 08/01/2007
Wed, 08/01/2007
Act as a Member of Your Community

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There are many important things in our lives:

Going to work, school, or to see your doctor

Household chores like cleaning and doing the laundry

Spending time with family

Your responsibilities are important, but leisure is too!

Leisure is free time when you can have fun.

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