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Summer Safety

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You may be thinking about spending more time outdoors when it is sunny.  Remebmer the sun can also be dangerous to your health.

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Staying Healthy in the Sun

Healthy in the Sun
Thu, 06/01/2006
Thu, 06/01/2006
Safe Fun under the Sun

Do you like to go out in the sun?

When the weather is warm, you may think about spending more time outdoors.

There are lots of fun things to do in the sun – go to the beach, have a picnic in the park, or just take a walk and enjoy the weather!

Even though the sun is fun, it can also be dangerous to your health.

The sun can be unhealthy for your skin and for your eyes.

The sun can cause your skin to burn.

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Summertime in the Yard

June 6, 2002
June 6, 2002
Safety Just Outside the Home

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As summer approaches and it becomes lighter later in the evening, more people choose to spend time outside in their yards. The Oregon Department of Human Services convened a research group of experts to develop a manual to assist community providers of services for persons with developmental disabilities.

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