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How To Create An Emergency Plan
Making Your Home A Safe Place
Emergency Preparedness for Clinical Professionals
Disaster Preparedness for People With Disabilities
Emergency Preparedness Resource List
Fostering A New Dialogue
Disaster Mitigation For Persons With Disabilities: Fostering A New Dialogue


Don't Be A Victim
Signs and Symptoms of Sexual Abuse
Question of the Month
Victimization of Individuals With Disabilities

Risk Management

Introduction to Risk Management
Risk Management Principles
Risk Assessment
Effective Risk Management
Literature Review: Incident Management

Summertime Safety Tips

Summer Safety Tips
Summertime In The Yard
Summer Hazards
Summer Hazards
Heat Stroke Risk and Medication

Falls and Fractures

Preventing Falls
Preventing Falls & Fractures
Medical Risk Factors and Prevention of Falls and Fractures
Falls and Hip Fractures Among Older Adults
Facts About Falls and Fractures

Physical Abuse

What Can You Do To Protect Against Physical Abuse?
Preventing Physical Abuse?
Assessing Abuse in Children and Adults with Limited Communication Skills
Preventing Physical Abuse
Assessment of Maltreatment of Children With Disabilities


Mealtime Safety

Having A Safe Mealtime
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Consumers Who Have Difficulty Eating
Mealtime Safety
Spotting and Intervening With Unsafe Mealtime Practices
Management of Severe Dysphagia: A Case Study

Fire Safety

Fire Safety
Fire Prevention for Service Providers
Clinical Risks for Fire Safety for Persons with Developmental Disabilities
Fire Prevention Actions
Fire Prevention

Medication Safety

Personal Medication Safety
Medication Safety
Medication Safety for Clinical Staff: Psycho-Active Medications
Basic Medication Safety and Management

Illness and Injury

Signs & Symptoms of Injury or Illness: What To Tell The Healthcare Professional
Signs & Symptoms of Emergency and Urgent Medical Conditions
Nonverbal Signs and Symptoms of Physical Discomfort
Signs & Symptoms Illness: Two Brief Case Studies
Common Medical Etiologies for Behavior Changes

Substance Abuse

Alcohol, Tobacco & Drugs: Making Healthy Choices
Drug Use and Abuse Education
Treatment of Substance Abuse: Referral and Support
Resource List for Substance Abuse and Developmental Disabilities
Developmental Disabilities/Substance Abuse: A Blueprint for Community Solutions



Poisoning Accidents
Making Home and Work Safe From Unintentional Poisonings
Lead Poisoning: A Thing of the Past?
Pica Behavior and Poisoning Fact Sheet
Poisoning Young Minds

Physical Management

Photo Books
Safe Lifting
Positioning Equipment
Physical Management
Movement Disorders

Aging and Developmental Disabilities

Planning For Older Adults With Developmental Disabilities
Increasing Physical Activity for Persons with Developmental Disabilities
Risk Factor's for Alzheimer's Disease Among People with Developmental Disabilities
Supports For Persons With Developmental Disabilities As They Age
Aging With Developmental Disabilities: Women's Health Issues


Sun Protection and Dehydration

Summer Sun
Preventing Sun Damage and Dehydration
Dehydration and Photosensitivity
Risks of Sun Damage and Dehydration
Sun Protection and Dehydration

Seizure Management

Summer Safety and Travel for Persons With Epilepsy
First Aid For Seizures
What's New In Seizure Management
Seizure Management Resources
Seizures & Epilepsy: Hope Through Research


Healthy Lifestyles

Healthy Lifestyles
Healthy Lifestyles for Consumers
Healthy Lifestyle:
Guidelines for Prevention and Management
Promoting Healthy Lifestyles
Achieving a Beneficial Fitness for Persons with Developmental Disabilities


Personal Safety

First Aid and Disaster Kits for 2003
Protecting Workers with Developmental Disabilities
Comparison Data:
Injuries and Fatalities
Personal Safety for Persons with Developmental Disabilities
Protecting Workers with Developmental Disabilities


Post-traumatic Stress Disorder

Trauma and Post-traumatic Stress Disorder
Post-traumatic Stress Disorder
Special Concerns for Service Providers
Diagnostic Challenges: Post-traumatic Stress Disorder in People with Developmental Disabilities
Post-traumatic Stress Disorder: Consumer Support
Post-traumatic Stress Disorder in Persons with Developmental Disabilities


Dual Diagnosis

Dual Diagnosis and Your Family Member
Understanding Dual Diagnosis
Improving the Reliability of Psychiatric Diagnoses for People with Developmental Disabilities
Support for Consumers with Dual Diagnosis
Recognizing Psychosis in Persons with Developmental Disabilities Who Are Nonverbal


Respiratory Health

Flu Facts
Consumer Respiratory Conditions
Obstructive Sleep Apnea
Common Respiratory Conditions
Air Quality and Respiratory Health


Safe Transportation

Airport Security: Special Considerations for People With Disabilities
Safe Transportation for Consumers Who Use Wheelchairs
Clinical Resources in Wheelchair Transportation safety
Mobility Training for Consumers with Developmental Disabilities
Safety Issues for Vehicles Adapted for Persons with Disabilities



Emergency Care for Burns
Scalds: Seconds Counts
Burn Rehabilitation Resources
The Nature and Characteristics of Burns
Burn Care and Rehabilitation



Financial Exploitation (Consumers & Families)
Sexual Exploitation
Exploitation (Clinical Professionals)
Financial Exploitation (Regional Center Staff)
Exploitation (National Trends & Research)

Missing Persons

Be Prepared - Guidelines In Case Your Family Member Someday Is Missing
Effective Supervision Strategies
Reducing the Frequency of Missing Person Incidents: Case Examples
Prevention and Management of Missing Person Incidents
Assessment and Treatment of Elopement: A Replication and Extension

Skin Risk

Healthy Skin
Preventing and Detecting Skin Problems
Pressure Sores
Spotlight on Common Skin Problems
Recognition and Management of Wound Infections


Environmental Risks

Protection From Common Environmental Risks
Indoor Air Pollution
Environmental Health Problems
Indoor Air Quality and Health
Asthma and Indoor Air Exposure


Sexual Abuse

Recognizing Signs of Sexual Abuse
Responding to Signs of Sexual Abuse
Sexual Abuse and the California Penal Code
Supporting Consumers Who Have Been Sexually Abused
Violence Against Women with Developmental or Other Disabilities



Water Safety and Your Family
Preventing Drowning Accidents
Drowning Facts
National Study of Childhood Drowning



Obesity and Your Family
Promoting Physical Activity
Health Effects of Obesity
Measuring Obesity and Health Risk
Summit on Obesity



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