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The Columbus Organization
The California Department of Developmental Services
Second Annual
Risk Assessment and Mitigation Training

This 6 hour training will include sessions on proactive (i.e., assessment and prevention) approaches to risk management, the special incident and risk management process, and reactive approaches including both service coordination and system responsibilities after a special incident has occurred. Application of risk assessment and mitigation techniques to specific challenging situations will be included.

The session on preventative, proactive approaches will focus on preventing special incidents through the utilization of individual risk assessment methods and tools, considering dignity of risk factors (choice and responsibility), developing risk management plans and strategies, and integrating risk management strategies into the individual planning process.

The session on reactive approaches to risk management will cover specific strategies for analyzing incidents in order to use the information learned to develop preventative strategies that promote the future health and safety of all individuals. Sessions will include hands-on application of techniques learned through case studies and both large and small group learning sessions.

These sessions focus on opportunities for participants:

  • To develop an understanding of risk assessment, prevention, and mitigation.
  • To further knowledge of strategies for analyzing and mitigating future risks after an incident occurs.
  • To support train-the-trainer activities for service providers and other persons working with persons with developmental disabilities.

Schedule: Training sessions have been individually scheduled at each participating Regional Center as follows.

December 4, 2002
January 15, 2003
January 16, 2003
January 17, 2003
January 21, 2003
January 23, 2003
January 28, 2003
February 6, 2003
February 11, 2003
February 13, 2003
February 24, 2003
February 26, 2003
February 27, 2003
March 3, 2003
March 6, 2003
March 10, 2003
March 11, 2003
March 21, 2003
March 27, 2003
North Bay Regional Center
Frank D. Lanterman Regional Center
Westside Regional Center
Harbor Regional Center
Tri-Counties Regional Center
Central Valley Regional Center
San Andreas Regional Center
Far Northern Regional Center
Kern Regional Center
San Gabriel/Pomona Regional Center
Inland Regional Center
Redwood Coast Regional Center in Ukiah
Regional Center of the East Bay
Eastern Los Angeles Regional Center
Redwood Coast Regional Center in Eureka
Valley Mountain Regional Center
Alta California Regional Center
Golden Gate Regional Center
Regional Center of Orange County

Please contact The Columbus Organization for further information.
916-960-0134 phone 916-960-0123 fax
E-mail: [email protected]


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